She’s one of New Zealand’s original influencers, who, at the peak of her social media success, earned a six-figure salary, was invited to every party in town and received package after package of free products every single week. If it sounds good, it was, and for a while it looked like Makaia Carr was living the Instagram dream.

But turning 40 – and with a global pandemic thrown into the mix – has changed the lens for this inspiring mum of two, prompting a complete re-evaluation of her life.

“This year has been such a huge time for all of us and I know I’m not the only one out there whose priorities have totally changed. There’s Covid, of course, and all the job losses and financial insecurity, but also the Black Lives Matter movement…”

Makaia, who first found online fame with her Facebook company Motivate Me back in 2012, has always been aware of her “influence”.